MILK by Mark Andrew Webber

Spring 2017

The new Ritzenhoff milk glass design is like the drink itself: archaic. The tapered shape and flatter form differentiate it from its predecessor, making it a contemporary yet classic piece. The charming, playful, sensual and sometimes ironic decors are kept in black to preserve the iconic, aesthetic appeal of the glass. The white of the milk, once poured into the glass, offsets the 12 different designs wonderfully.

  • Cultured milk glass in a new look
  • Exclusive to the 25th anniversary of the Ritzenhoff brand
  • Consistent development of a real classic
  • Consistent brand quality - Made in Germany
  • Must-have for design lovers and trendsetters
  • dishwasher safe
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Mark Andrew Webber
Graphic designer from Great Britain
The British graphic designer born in 1984 is known for his giant-sized typographic city maps cut from a single piece of linoleum. The first ones were completed in 2006. In hundreds of working hours he crafted his maps of New York and London. In the same year he also developed his first ideas for manually cut animations, which he called “linomation”. This development resulted in an invitation to participate in the exhibition “The Art of Lost Words” in 2009, where he presented a linomation consisting of 297 animated linocuts. His artwork is...
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